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Physiotherapy or Chiropractor?

What is physioHow is Physiotherapy different from Chiropractic & Osteopathy?

Well the numbers are quite different for a start. There are over 2,000 chiropractors, over 3,600 osteopaths and over 39,000 physiotherapists. Although numbers of the other professions continue to increase, physiotherapy remains the dominant profession in the UK.

Physiotherapy is a recognised mainstream healthcare profession, governed by the Health Professions Council, whereas Chiropractic & Osteopathy is regarded as an alternative therapy.

In the main Osteopaths and Chiropractors are only involved with musculo-skeletal work and tend to use predominantly manipulative skills. Physiotherapists, as well as using manipulative skills (amongst other treatments) focus on rehabilitation, including exercise & advice to promote patient independence and prevent re-occurrences and dependence on passive treatments. The training of physiotherapists is broad and diverse to reflect that they not only deal with musculoskeletal conditions, but also have training in neurology, burns, intensive care, women’s health etc. giving them tools to treat patients holistically.

Another key difference is that physiotherapists are employed in a wide variety of settings, adding significantly to their wide knowledge base as a profession. They work within the NHS but also in the private sector, they are the dominant health profession that work with elite athletes and sporting professionals in all sports i.e. golf, athletics, football, rugby etc.. the list is endless.