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Theraflex - Back Care for the 21st Century

TheraflexTheraflex (or PAMM – Power Assisted Micro Manipulation) is a revolutionary approach which can be used in the treatment of back and neck pain.

95% of all back problems are of a mechanical nature. To function correctly the spine must be supple and elastic. Loss of supple elasticity is natural with time and age and is often greatly accelerated by inflammatory conditions and injury.

Over twenty years of research and design has led to the introduction of the Theraflex System which relieves mechanical back problems by increasing the suppleness and flexibility of the spine, reducing stresses within the joints which have initially created the problem.

The Theraflex System is used as a treatment aid by the Physios at goPhysio to help mobilise the spine. The treatment is non-invasive, gentle, passive and progressive.

Vertebral Mobilisation is the movement of individual segments of the spine to increase the mobility of the spinal column. Theraflex takes inter-vertebral mobilisation to an entirely new level, allowing a degree of treatment that would not be possible with the human hand, but still retaining the feel and control of manual therapies. Its revolutionary design speeds up the recovery of most back injuries, call now to resolve your back condition.

For back pain sufferers the world over, there is good and bad news. The good news is that this treatment works, the bad news is the availability of the treatments. If you can find a machine, try it. It may just change your life.” Ben Hunt, Back Pain Sufferer, Financial Times, 2005

Theraflex Back Pain Treatment – available now locally at goPhysio